Atlas declarative blocks

I have been playing with Atlas and running through the hands on labs. In lab 2, you create some 'Atlas declarative blocks' to associate async invocations with controls on your form and with a web service. It looks something like (from one of the labs) :-

       <textBox id="SearchKey" />
        <serviceMethod id="helloService" url="HelloWorldService.asmx" methodName="HelloWorld">
          <binding dataContext="SearchKey" dataPath="text"
            property="parameters" propertyKey="query" />
          <invokeMethod target="resultsBinding"
            method="evaluateIn" />

        <button targetElement="SearchButton">
            <invokeMethod target="helloService" method="invoke" />

        <label targetElement="results">
            <binding id="resultsBinding" dataContext="helloService"
            dataPath="response.object" property="text"
            automatic="false" />

All these service bindings remind me of the bindings used in Indigo, I dont suppose its any real accident either. These definitions are placed in a <script type="text/xml-script"> which I found quite odd at first but am defintely getting the hang of it.

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