MVP Summit complete, G. Andrew Duthie Singing

Well the MVP Summit is now officially over. The event proved very productive for me and I got to meet up with many other MVP's and Microsoft staff that I had previously not met, in addition to those whom I had previously at the MVP summit last year. The MVP party was pretty cool and was held at the Sci-Fi museum near the Space Needle. Quite a cool place with lots to look at like the guitar museum, Sci-Fi museum, and they even provided a special Karaoke section.

The Karaoke section got pretty wild later on in the night and made my ears hurt. Luckily though, before it got too packed, I managed to capture G.Andrew Duthie  ( a developer evangelist ) doing his "thang" on the Karaoke stage with his rendition of Brown Eyed Girl.

Note: Apologies for the bad quality, my phone is not that good at photo or video.

Check out the actual video here. (8Mb)

Now its onto the ASPInsiders summit. More fantastic technical content is yet to come.


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