ASP.NET Podcast #23 - Spang, Atlas and life....

How remiss of me. Wally has posted up about the latest podcast and I haven't done the same. You know how it works by now, Wally posts it, then I shortly follow (just in case you missed Wally's post). Well here it is.


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Show Notes:

  • Spang.
    • What Spang Truly is.
    • Dave Sussman's Reaction to the Spang announcement.
    • The Joke takes root and grows exponentially.
  • The Channel9 Reaction.
  • Atlas code.
    • Server side Web Code:
      public string HelloWorld(string strInput)
      return "Hello " + strInput + " Server Time: " + DateTime.Now.ToString() ;
    • Client Side Javascript:
      <script type="text/xml-script">
      OnClickTest() {
      var txtInputBox = document.getElementById("txtInput");
      Samples.AspNet.WebServiceTest.HelloWorld(txtInputBox.value, HelloWorldCallBack);
      function HelloWorldCallBack(result){
      alert("Returned Value: " + result);



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