ASP.NET Podcast - Show #36 - Personal Web Site Starter Kit

Ok, so I have actually got busy and managed to do a podcast. The main content on this one is about some good and bad points on the personal web site starter kit that is available for .Net 2.0. I have recently used it to create my new site at and thought I would share some impressions of it, its internals, and how it held up for me.

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Full show notes:

- My 1st Podcast for 2006
- A little on Atlas in user controls and getting Atlas info
- A little more on tactical and strategic solutions previously mentioned by Wally
- A sydney weather report
- Visual Studio 2005 - Still a bit rough around the edges?
- Personal Web Site Starter Kit (available
- My site which uses a customised version of the Personal web Site Starter Kit
-- What was good, what was bad, what I did to customise it, migrating it to a full SQL Server depoyment.


  • Hi Paul, I was wondering if there's this bug with your CompareDomValidator cause I'm using it to check for doubles in a textbox, Operation=DataTypeCheck, Type=Double, ControlToValidate=...

    now if I enter anything with a decimal the validator alerts me, This happens on IE 6.0, is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi Deepak,

    Send me your email address so we can chat offline. Regarding your issue, there may infact be a problem. I know there was some issues that other users have resolved but I need to look through my archives to see. I am actually considering putting this into GotDotNet as an open source project for all to modify and use as I dont have the time or resources to keep them going and there seem to be plenty of people still using them.

  • making it open source is a great idea Paul, my email is deepak dot trama at gmail dot com, I'll send you my page to demonstrate the problem at your connexus address, hope that's working!

  • My old connexxus address is no longer. You can email me at the following address:

    glav AT aspalliance DOT com

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