Site Update - Atlas enabled

I have spent a little time updating my personal website ( as of late. Firstly to make some management and administration items a little easier for myself (as its actually getting some interest and a healthy number of hits) and secondly, I wanted to Atlas enable the site with the latest March CTP bits.

I wanted to ensure it was 'Atlas ready' as I have some features planned that will involve the Atlas bits. To verify this I used Atlas to allow asynchronous loading of the download items list ( using an Atlas UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress control.

Also, just because I can and its so easy, I wanted to enable some drag and drop functionality, which I did for the header and footer graphics on the site. So if you visit the site, the header graphic that contains the links for the site, can be dragged and dropped almost anywhere on the page. Its more of a UI Glitz thing and I dont really intend it to be a super feature, but thought I would leave it that way just to play with it for a while. This was using the Atlas DragOverlayExtender control to do this.

What I did find out though, is that the styling of the site was really hard to get right (and its not quite right yet, but useable) once an element has been drag'n'drop enabled using the DragOverlayExtender control.

The Personal Web Site starter kit (which my site uses) has some weird styling elements which went a little wacky once I enabled the header and footer for drag and drop support.
Morale: Watch your styling on the elements you intend to enable for Drag'n'drop using the DragOverlayExtender. If you have some weird margin settings, or display settings, then you may see some unexpected results once enabled, which can affect the entire page.

Note: Feel free to visit the site ( and start dragging the header and footer controls around. I have not implemented the ability to save positions of these items as its really just a 'play thing' for now.


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