PasswordStrength Extender control available via latest Atlas Control Toolkit Release

A little while ago, I posted about a new Atlas extender control I was developing called the PasswordStrength extender. This control utilised the Atlas Control Toolkit as a foundation from which to build. A number of people asked when this control would be released to the public, and I am proud to say that it has finally been released as one of the new components available with the Atlas Control Toolkit.

As Shawn Burke points out in his blog, this release of the Atlas Control Toolkit is the first release to contain non-Microsoft contributed components. Specifically the PasswordStrengthExtender by myself, and the FilteredTextBox by Christian Wenz. Its pretty cool to work with the Microsoft guys on this and its great being able to contribute something to such a widely used community library. I really look forward to adding more controls into this great project.

By the way, the Atlas Control Toolkit now contains something like 21 controls to play with. There are some awesome new controls in their which make 'Atlas'-izing your applications super easy.

Download and enjoy!

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