Woohoo - Vista Error

So I loaded up Vista on my laptop to show my 15 year old son what it looked like before I blew away the partition it was residing on. It loaded up, I logged on and walked away so he could have a look around the new Windows OS.

I heard a "Woohoo!" coming from my office where the he was using my laptop, then a series of "Wohoo's!", about 4 or 5 actually. I thought, "Wow, he must really like it". I went up and had a look to see what he was doing to find him staring at the screen at this error message:

So initially, he did like it and did say "Woohoo" for this very reason. Then this error dialog box pops up in the middle of the screen. He thinks it must be some voice recognition thing and proceeds to say "Woohoo!" a couple more times to try and entice it to keep displaying.

You can imagine my amusement.....


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