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  • Software the users would love

    Saw a post from G. Andrew Duthie regarding some more new features coming in ASP.NET which is all good, but one of the most significant of those for me (even though relatively minor) is the SQL Cache invalidation. I like to design with caching where possible, but having immediate update of data as well as the benefits of cached data together has not been easy and this feature alone could be immediately usable in a number of enterprise apps I have designed/developed. Great stuff. (p.s. You can find G. Andrew Duthie sys-con radio interview here)

  • More Tips and Tricks

    Wow, lots of posts from the PDC. Hope everyone is having fun and learning lots <insert jealous sigh here>.

  • .Net V2.0 - Generics

    The next version of .net promises some really cool things.  Here is a link to an article by Jason Clark on the MSDN site which describes one of the cool new features being added, Generics.

  • XML Strongly Typed Datasets and State Management

    On a recent project, of which you may be vaguely aware of if you read my earlier posts, we had great success utilising XML Strongly typed datasets, to help us maintain the clients state, without actually using any of the state management features within .Net.