So a little while ago, I mentioned that I did a WCF beta exam for a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist. Its been a long time since I did that and I had kinda forgotten about it, but today I received the good news that I am now a MCTS in WCF!


I really thought I had bombed that exam due to the very little prep that I had done, but fortunately that is not the case.

I would love to hear from anybody else (particularly any fellow australians) who have also done the beta exam and received their congratulatory email.


  • Congrats Glav! I remember you thinking that one was a little tricky :)

  • Thanks heaps Grant.

  • Hi Iain,

    Thanks for the kind words and congrats to yourself as well.

    To be honest I have no idea if they mail out the scores or not. I would also love to find out where I did good and bad. Given they took a fair while for the results and the beta's are more self managed than normal exams, I wouldn't be surprised if we dont see them tho.

  • Hi Glavs - Why did you take the WCF exam? What got your interest? I work on product management at Microsoft (for WCF) and would love to know more about what led you to the exam and interest in WCF.

  • Well WCF is something I am very keenly interested in. The beta exam in particular was free and thought it was a good learning opportunity if nothing else. It gave me an idea of what is required, and I didn't expect to pass the beta exam as it was a quick decision to do it at the time. So, to answer your queston properly, it was the learning experience first and foremost. Actually passing it was a big bonus ofcourse. WCF is of particular interest because I think its one the better pieces of technology to come out of Microsoft in terms of design and functionality and a key piece og building applications in the future.

  • Hey Glav,

    Do you have some kind of practice papers or other related stuff for the same as i am also preparing for this exam(MCTS in WCF)

    Thanks in Advance

  • Hi Rohit, I just used the recommended information that MS provides on their site describing the certification. I did a lot of reading of various books by Juval Lowy and Justin King as well. Make sure you know claims reasonably well.

  • in my opinion, the key to pass the microsoft certification is to get a good book and do practice and practice ,practice .
    some online resoures from
    or ,could be useful for u.

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