My Mix11 Proposal

I only submitted one session for consideration to present at Mix this year. Unfortunately it was not shortlisted and is consequently not open to voting currently on the site.

However, I thought I might post it here to gain some feedback from others as to how I might refine or change it. Maybe it is just something people are not interested in and I have taken a wrong direction. Perhaps you might be interested in me presenting this at your user group?

At any rate, the session abstract is below and would love your feedback.


Title: There is no Web: HTML5 Offline capabilities


HTML 5 offers many new capabilities to the standardised web space. The majority of this session will focus on a few capabilities geared towards allowing your web applications to function when the web is not available or otherwise pre-occupied. For a lot of developers, this has not been too much of a consideration because of the limited ability to deal with it, but with HTML 5 this can all change. We will look at how HTML 5 makes it easier to detect your offline/online status and also look at a way to to construct your application to take this into account and provide a seamless experience for your users. We will look at constructing components to provide a better network detection status, offline storage approaches, integration with ASP.NET MVC, and to top it all off, will utilise the RavenDB (NoSQL) document storage engine just for some fun. If you want to see some of the techniques and pitfalls of HTML 5 offline capabilities, combined with ASP.NET MVC and NoSQL, then this talk is for you.


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