VisualSVN - Subversion within Visual Studio

I am a big fan of Subversion. I like TFS too, but subversion is more suited to my small scale personal needs whereas TFS is more in the corporate space, or at least, more in the "requires more juice" space. Juice that I don't really have.

So, I use subversion for a majority of my personal development. I like it. I normally use TortoiseSVN for the explorer integration and have been playing quite happily with that.

Recently though, I grabbed me a copy of VisualSVN which adds Visual Studio integration for subversion. I like it, I like it a lot. It makes things very nice indeed. Here are some screen shots. Highly recommended.

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Visual Status Indicators in the solution


Context menu within Visual Studio solution explorer



  • We use subversion at work as well, along with a bunch of the open source integration utilities - works a treat.

    We looked into using TFS a while ago, however our current environment works quite well and we couldn't honestly see the benefit at the time considering the cost.

    Would you consider using subversion for work Paul or are you completely sold on TFS in a significant environment? If so, what makes you back it so much so in that environment?

  • I've used this for a while and love it!

  • Hey Paul,
    have you tried it with a SQL database project (Database professional edition)? The last time we installed VisualSVN, it bombed when our database project loaded every time.

    We ended up just with the WE interface alone, which was pretty fine. For some usage scenarios, keeping version control activities outside of the IDE actually helps.

  • Why not use AnkhSVN?
    At least it's free (as in speech).
    I've found version 2.0 to be very good, and reliable.

  • Al,

    TFS is more than source control, and its work item management, integration with Excel and all that juicy stuff is great. I have used Subversion in work scenario's on a few occassions, it just depends what the client wants, what they can afford and a number of other variables. Both are good.

  • Hey Aaron,

    The proiject that I tool snapshots of in this blogpost uses a database project and it loads fine. I suspect the latest version has fixed whatever bug you were seeing.

  • Krzysztof,

    Last time I used AnkhSVN, it was really unstable and unreliable and I became used to using just the explorer integration. I happened to chance upon ViosualSVN and looked at its feature set and its a nice professional, polished product, so I used it. I haven't really looked at AnkhSVN for a long time.

  • Subversion Created me a lots of problems while working with my team, for a .net small scaled project I use Vss either TFS

  • I will use TFS and Subversion. After installing AnkhSVN i can't see the context menu for TFS Source Control. Any tipps or ideas, that i see both. I need both for customer projects.

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