Bootvis – Windows XP Boot and Resume Analysis Tool

Bootvis is a tool for easily enabling capture and graphical display of boot and resume performance trace data in Windows XP.  Bootvis by itself will not change a system's boot or resume performance.  Bootvis is intended as an aid to allow designers and manufacturers to characterize their system's performance during Windows startup in order to identify areas for further investigation and opportunities for performance improvement. 

Bootvis can be used to analyze Windows XP startup performance from all off or sleep states, including:

  • System cold boot (power on from the ACPI S5 state)
  • Resume from hibernate (the ACPI S4, or "suspend to disk" state)
  • Resume from standby ( the ACPI S3, or "suspend to RAM" state)

BootVis.msi    (works on Win2k3 too)

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