Assembly hell

I hate being negative on .Net, but there I feel I have to a little bit.

I experience something since few days regarding the assemblies.

Randomly on different web projects , I have the same annoying error returned by .Net regarding something wrong in machine.config.

It's always reported as a problem with the Freetext assembly I use, but I really believe that this is not really the cause of the problem.

It's really annoying, because this not happens all the time.
After some investigations, it seems that for an unknown reason, some temporary files, like some dll, are locked by the framework in the .Net temporary project folder.

The different things I test are:

- Delete the temporary folder. Not possible, everything seems to be locked by the worker process.
- Restart the PC. This works all the time, but it's not really practical.
- Declare the FreeText fully in machine.config. Well until this morning it was working, but again the same problem happened once. Also I don't use FreeText everywhere so it could cause some issues with other projects.
-Reinstall .Net. Yes I did it, nothing really changed.
- Remove the reference to FreeText and reinstall a 'clean' one. Yes I did it, it works for a while and the error came back again.

So now I would like to see if some expert in this blog have a clue on this. I search also a little bit with google, and apparently I am not the only one to have the problem.

This issue seem to be about the temporary folder. Thanks for your help.



  • Sometimes when the Index service is running it locks and messes around with assemblies and config files.

    To Fix: Go to the 'System' node under 'Indexing Service' in computer management.

    In the directories node create a new directory.

    In the Path put 'C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\Temporary ASP.NET Files' (for 2002) and click no to include in the index.

    Click OK and the indexing service will leave the directory alone.

    This may not be the solution but its better than re-installing VS

  • Thanks David and Peter ! I will try now. I couldn't imagine that Index Server could have something to do with my issue.

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