INETA potential: not for Craggy Island

Julia mentioned something today about INETA that caught my attention


So why the reference to INETA? It just is a great example of why .NET User groups are forming all over the world - even in places that we think of as remote and are astonished that there would be advanced i.t. stuff taking place. Take a look sometime at the list of user groups on the INETA website and you'll see what I mean.


Well Julia let me take this as a good laugh (no offence there) but I just know now that Ireland is so remote and so retarded that we still don't have a *decent* INETA group here.

For god sake, Microsoft have their european headquarters in Dublin and I can't see any INETA member around :-(

Just sad, but happy for Vanuatu Pacific Island if at least they can have a user group.

If it's happen I swear I swap my jumper for an hawaiian shirt and I move there, just for the fun to have a user group meeting on a remote island. ;-)



  • Paschal-

    INETA does not CREATE user groups. You have to be a pre-existing, real live, public, monthly meeting user group with a .net focus in order to become an INETA member. You have been bitching and moaing about this for a long long time. YOu have so much enthusiasm for .net, so much information, for cryin' out loud - go start a user group. And then apply for membership in INETA and I'm sure THEN there will be a decent ineta group in ireland.

  • Hey.. if you want a remote island .NET User Group you should come over here to Iceland (yes, we have computers and no, we don't live in igloos). We're just about to start a .NET User group next week ;)

    Free pizza and coke for me please (damn, no beer *sob*)!


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