Web Deployment, question for the future

Because it's PDC time, I like to ask some questions about the future.

Guys, in Whidbey can we expect a better Web deployment system ?

I would like for example to be able to upload to my server a set of files, without deploying all my site.

Actually I can use right click on the files I don't want to deploy and ask Exclude from the project, but this create some issues.

I would like to have a FTP kind of features embedded in Visual Studio. I am sure it's not big deal to do so ;-)

I would like also that when I am opening a web project directly from my server, I can lock some files. So next time I deploy the site Visual Studio will be smart enough to not overwrite the locked files.
It will surely improve the deployment speed.

Currently I experienced quite often a timeout problem with deployment, and I am working on a 2 Mb line !

It's quite frustrating to have this Timeout error box coming just before the end of a long deployment.



  • They've already said that you'll be able to deploy sites using FTP and direct file copy in Whidbey (you won't need to install FrontPage extensions). However there is a tool that lets you do all that today -- Macromedia Dreamweaver.

  • Hi Paschal,

    I just posted a blog on my site (with screenshot) showing what it looks like in Whidbey. I think it should address all of your questions/concerns above.

    Hope this helps,


  • Jeffrey thanks for the advice but no Dreamwever is not a tool for me ;-)

    I really appreciate VS !

  • Scott thanks for this good news !

  • I have developed an application using ASP,VB COM and SQL Server. i want to create a Setup program to install the application.

    pls provide a solution.

  • VS is a fantastic tool for creating web apps-better than dreamweaver. But the deployment stinks- i agree that Deramweaver deployment is the best. Another grouse is - very difficult to develop a web app in any other local directory other than wwwroot - ofcourse u can make a virtual directory in IIS for that - but is very non- intuitive and i hate creating directories under wwwroot. Once u test the web app using Ctrl-F8, the apps work fine under local host- but try FTPing the entire project to a Webserver provided by a web hosting service- your app wont work - and MS documentation doesnt explain much. And howmany web hosting companys u guys know allow to run .msi files? And how about resolving virtual paths for hyperlinks and graphics?- dramweaver solution is best. SO PLEASE MS MAKE DEPLOYING AS SIMPLE AS DREAMWEAVER!

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