Ingo Rammer in Dublin - A great event :-)

Ingo Rammer delivered tonight a great speech on Distributed Applications. The event, sponsored by INETA and Microsoft Ireland, was a great success, and INDA will surely welcome more INETA speakers soon.

The most interesting thing, even if everything was great, was probably the last part. Ingo explained different do's and don't and I learned a lot like everybody present.

So Dataset should be avoid if they are not necessary, because when you update your db, Ingo showed that using SQL Profiler, you can see the real number of SQL executions an update can create. Maybe DAAB can be an alternative, but yes Ingo convinced me (and a lot of other good developers) that as a developer, you have to check what's really goes on the network. As he said himself, 'wire don't lie' :-)

There now for some 'social' pictures. So Christian Weyer knows now that Ingo can also sustain a pint with pride :-)


And even for a cold, Clare has always a good medicine for Ingo !

Ingo your third pint is ready :-)





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