How to make a developer's brain busy ;-)

Well easy show him this picture, ask him to count the people before and after the shift,and yes I know it's very irritating.

Believe me you will spend all the day scratching your head on the solution or turn mad (yourself and your colleagues too)

Source:  Randy



  • yep its driving me mad :) LOL

  • I read the explaination and I still dont get it :D

  • You have really to concentrate on each part. Look at the fella on the left who has a strange haircut ;-)

    Don't worry this seems to turn nuts half of the planet already !

  • Also make sure that you have animated gifs enabled. I didn't and was completely oblivious as to what all the fuss was about :D

  • if u look at the second guy to the left in the second frame..when he one takes its thats why there is 1 less in the 1st frame :D

  • Yeah... well... I guess I'm going mad :)

  • well...i THINK i got it....or it will help you a lot more to find it out maybe...the third guy from the right witha black t-shirt, when he move...he his cutted at his feet...but he he dont take any part of another guy when he go to the left of the screen and somebody took his feet (the third one from the left)..took me around 10 minute to find that and i believe that this is the right answer

  • woops..wich would mean 13 people in the picture

  • In the 12 guys model, many people are getting a bit longer, they all inherit a small part of the missing person (well it's not maybe the best way to explain - in fact there are many small body parts/organes donation implied in this character disappearence)

  • Got the solution the guy on the left don t have his hair when the 2nd picture so we can t count him as an entire guy that makes 12 personnes on the first and 13 -1 =12 on the 2 nd

    Easy huh ?

  • 12 guys and 13 guys !

  • If you have access to a digital camera...Take a few pictures while the "boys" are in motion...Print & cut them out in the sequence of their movements...Move them in the same order as shown...Low & Behold the answer will be in front of you....

  • The bottom (static) tile has 12 dudes (counting the sliver of feet for a couple of them.)

    The two top tiles also have 12 guys, counting tips of hair and so forth.

    In one configuration, the 12 top guys match the 12 bottom dudes and their are 12 guys total.

    In the other configuration, one of the bottom guys is missing a bit of hair and one of the top guys is missing a bit of feet and their appear to be 13 guys.

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