INDA meeting last Friday - Compact Framework and Wine lecture what a combination

Thanks to all who attended our meeting last Friday on Compact Framework 2.0 with Daniel Moth and Nigel our host and lecturer for a Wine experience in La Cave.

Oh boy what a night great vintage for both lectures, hard now to remember who spoke on what. Just an abstract :

The new version of the Pocket emulator in VS 2005 will take you….to the beautiful region of Bordeaux where all the best french wines are coming fromthe generics are new in C# 2.0 and will let you using methods withoutthe subtle white color of this Vouvray 2003 remind me the green valleys of the Loireand no unit testing for mobile development is ot yet there in the next release of Visual Studio but solutions existif you really want to talk about great wines, forget the Chilean ones, I live only by Burgundy standards and nothing less……

More pictures soon and the audio recording soon too on !


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