Visual Studio 2005: What about a Beta 3?

We are now in middle of summer and it's usually a quite period for blogging.

So I am nicely surprised that my post about Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 got such attention. This is a proof that Microsoft has a lot of work to do to convince everybody to jump quickly on the new release.

Fabrice is taking the relay in some way by pushing the debate, but most of the comments I received are focus on the Web application part of the tool.

Yes Scott Guthrie has apparently take the PR option and he asked me yesterday what was wrong with the conversion of my project. I am waiting for any answer but some developers are already now requesting a Beta 3 before a final release.

It make sense, because a lot of bugs are reported every week and at this stage a release in November without major bugs seem compromised.

Also as confirmed by scott, some 'missing' features are back again in the tool.

I think it's the duty of every Visual Studio user to call for a better compatibility with their current projects, even if this mean releasing Visual Studio in 2006.


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