Alarming issues with Visual Studio 2005

If I have one blogger I respect regarding his honesty, it’s surely Roy Osherove. When Roy get troubles with VS2005, you are surely talking about serious issues. And when you know Roy is an MVP, where are we going?

So this is really alarming, because others here like Frans Bouma have expressed concerns about the number of bugs in the IDE. So it seems that the framework is ready but not the tool!

This make me think about the quest for another Beta launched a couple of months ago, and maybe it was not that wrong after all to claim for another round of tests.

Now I am also jumping on the .NET 2.0 bandwagon, but I am not sure after all if I am not going to wait until a Service Pack. After all my current dozens of projects are working fine, my user group website is doing quite well under .Net 1.1, and yes maybe I can afford to miss for a while some fancy new features.

It’s seriously time for Microsoft to be even more transparent on the subject, and give to everybody now a clear roadmap on their service pack policy.

I know guys you ahave your eyes on the big launch but keep your developers happy!



  • I am also MVP and i am quite lucky that "THE DAY" is now.

    We must get a common base for all future things like AJax, WWF or whatever.

    Software is never 100% and versions are a major concept of life cycle.

    So its better to have a version now as a additonal Beta.

    What i see is that the improvments from B2 to RTM are small if i compare it to the time period.

    As i have heard the live cycle of the next releases get shorter. This is very important. Bigger steps make it more difficult to keep on track for the developers.

    So my bed: dont talk about the problems of VS 2005, talk about the chance which are in fact huge.

  • "dont talk about the problems of VS 2005, talk about the chance which are in fact huge."

    I don't see why shutting up is beneficial to anyone. The more people know about issues in the RTM the better, because when issues are known and named, you can think of workarounds and if none exists, patches.

    We don't need a community, left alone MVP's, who simply chime along with the MS marketing department. We need a community and MVP's which are honest and simply are in touch with reality. The bugs people run into with 2005 can be small, but can also be huge. If you're likely to run into a huge bug, because of the nature of your project, it's better to know that up front so you can prepare for patching/looking for workarounds.

    I also find it nothing more than common sense that people ask MS about their service pack policy regarding 2005, because they haven't released 1 service pack since 2002 arrived.

  • I am must say that having VS2005 is great, however I am a little bit effraid also of all the people complaining about bugs in only basics pieces of code ...

    I really hope MS will sort out all the issues and give us a service pack not like the way they did for 2002-2003 .. ho yes sorry there was a SP for VS 2002 three year later ... Specially now that MS charges that much for MSDN subscriptions ..

    As v1.1 is working really fine and as a lot of the new 2.0 controls features have been coded since then internally I will probably also wait a bit before using it into production I dont want to mess up everything or bein stuck with bugs.

  • Honestly I wouldn't expect any fixes until Orcas (or whatever they are calling the Windows Vista VS milestone). Vista probably be released before MS got around to creating a team to produce a service pack. It looks like they are going the same route as they did with VS 2002/2003.

  • I'm going to have to go searching the blogs again but I read a couple blogs by MS people that work has already started on a VS 2005 service pack. Even though my request on the feedback center for another public beta of VS2005 got denied, I did request information about service pack information. Of course nothing has been announced by MS on that topic yet.

  • The current state of the IDE is acceptable, given the all the benefits of the framework v2.0

    My (and others') concern is that we'll never see an IDE patch. That would be a big mistake on Microsoft's part.

    Given Mono's developement, and Eclipse's current state, Eclipse just might become a better platform for developing .NET applications.

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