Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7

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Now that IE 7 is close to be released to the wilderness of our world, it's time to consider CSS compatibilities.

Well bad news folks! I think we will have to consider another series of bloated CSS to overcome the differences between IE 7 and before IE 6.

I rely a lot on the * html trick in some recent projects and it seems that now in IE 7 this won't work anymore. Hold on my clients will still use IE 6 for a long time. It means I will have to create more tests, welcome to the crazy world of web developers ;-)

Check this document (preliminary one anyway) by Microsoft on the issues you should expect with CSS. Some call this good news because IE is finally (not completlely) compliant with CSS 2 but I call that overwork time like if I have nothing else to do.


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  • Alex said

    the fact that MS is incapable of creating a full CSS2 implementation tells me one thing - it's wishful thinking to hope that whatever improvements they make will render page any better. so disabling hacks will only complicate life of web developers even further...

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