Internet Explorer 7, no thank you !

If you don't like critics on Microsoft don't read further!


Well it has been a long time I ranted against Microsoft products but this time it's about IE7. So I downloaded the so call final version of the new Explorer and how disappointing it is!

First (as many reported on this official Internet Explorer blog) the install doesn't goes smoothly. Two reboots one crash (I tried on three different PCs) and finally one install working. Well when I say working, it's more crawling than speeding.

Regarding the compatibility with different websites, so far so good (almost!). I noticed some problems with the scrolling, very choppy in some cases. I still don't like some choices for the icons like the Stop button look to much like a close window icon, and its position is akward.

Now I ask a panel of users to give me their feedback. Most of them are lost and can't understand the new user interface (most of them miss the old icon bar). They don't get the new tabs system unless I explain what this is about.

I won't recommend IE 7 anyway until they release a way to run it concurrently with IE 6 for a while.

I know that Microsoft want to push the new IE 7 through the monthly update but regarding the disastrous installation I got yesterday, I wish good luck to the lambda user trying to keep it cool.

Yes IE 6 is not dead and I think IE 7 is not yet totally ready for a mass consumption. Today I join the ranks of the resistance and will stop IE 7 landing on my laptop until IE 6 is used by less than 60% of the users.



  • There does not seem to be sufficient
    in the . I have installed IE 7 on both my laptops and my desktop and work and at home. Apart from the time it takes to install, I dont see much issues. Agreed that the UI has changed. But then again it is the perpetual pain when a product tries to introduce a new interface. I use the browser approx. 10 hrs a day and I have not found it painful.

  • That doesn't correlate with my install issues, rendering seems fine. It isn't setting my whole world on fire, but it seems OK so far for me.

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