Message Board: which one are you using?

Finding a good Forums application is not an easy task. Of course I can develop one myself, but when you are on your own in your company, no way. So until now I used Pop Forums, but it seems that the developer has lost interest in the project, or he's just busy with something else.

An important criteria is the software has to be written for .Net 1.1 or 2.0.

Now I just found an interesting message board development, DMG Forums which seems to be quite up to date, written in .Net (2.0 I think so?). One reason why I like it is its simple user friendly interface. Forums have been too many times reserved for techies, gamers and geeks and not really adapted for 'normal' users.

What Forums software do you use and why?

UPDATE: Seems that CS URL Rewriting don't like the word Forum in title, LOL how I was supposed to know that ;-)


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