Continuing Adventures in F#

Update: Added more F# samples and the foundations of functional programming

In a previous post, I've begun a pretty fun adventure into F#.  I'm still working on quite a few samples to post here shortly, but in the mean time, I've collected a bunch of samples that I think are pretty cool and well worth a look.  I'm currently digging through Robert Pickering's book "Foundations of F#".  I'm especially interested in his DSLs which I hope to cover here shortly.

For those interested in the foundations of functional programming, check out Bart De Smet's blog for his series on the subject:
This is an ongoing adventure into F# as I think it has quite a future as a first-class citizen in the .NET space.  Now, if we can say the same for Spec#.  I don't mean to be a link blog by any means, but it helps me to gather these things up as I go along:


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