Functional Programming Fundamentals Lectures

Earlier this year, I had the privilege to record a Channel 9 video session covering functional programming basics with Erik Meijer and Charles Torre.  We covered some of the basics, but at some point you need to go back to the fundamentals in order to truly learn this paradigm.  With that, Erik with the help of Charles, have kicked off the Channel 9 lecture series on Functional Programming Fundamentals.  This series is meant to be a journey into some of the ideas behind functional programming, following along with Graham Hutton’s excellent Programming in Haskell book.  Many of the concepts described in this series are in Haskell first, but many apply as well to F#, and even C# and VB.NET.  What better way to talk about Haskell and functional programming than to learn from one of the authors of the Haskell 98 Report.  I highly encourage everyone to check out this series!

You can find the links for the Channel 9 Lecture Series to see all the videos.


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