Richmond Code Camp 2008.2 - Functional C# Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended my session "Functional C# or how I lost the foreach and learned to love LINQ".  This is still an ongoing passion of mine that I hope to expand upon in the upcoming posts.  Some of these topics include favoring functional composition over inheritance and implementing patterns such as the Specification Pattern using these techniques.  I'll be posting all code snippets from the functional posts up to date on the MSDN Code Gallery Functional C# Project.

Here are some resources that will be helpful in covering functional programming aspects as well as other topics covered:

Functional Programming

C# Futures

Functional Programming Aspects with C#

Recursion in C#




As I said before, I'm making the code available as I put it up on MSDN Code Gallery as the FunctionalCSharp project.  This is intended to be a library of functional programming techniques in C# 3.0 and some demonstrations of moving from imperative style programming to a more functional programming style.  This is an ongoing project and more will be added in time, and I may end up just putting them up not as samples, but as a library.

Some of the topics covered in these code projects are:

As always, my code snippets can be found on MSDN Code Gallery at the Functional C# Library.

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