xUnit.net RC3 Just Released

Well, Brad Wilson and Jim Newkirk must really be busy lately.  After I talked about the release of xUnit.net RC2, just today, Brad announced the release of RC3.  As always, you can find the latest bits here.  This fixes a number of bugs and adds CruiseControl.NET and ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 support as well in addition to the Resharper 3.1 and TestDriven.NET support.  For more information about it, check out Brad's post here.  More or less, they are feature complete for version 1.0 and the only that I think really is needed at this point is a decent GUI runner and that's well acknowledged as something they are working on.  Visual Studio integration would be nice as well...

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If you were in attendance at last night's RockNUG appearance, all tests for my demos were using xUnit.net, so I am actively using it right now and will be for my CMAP Code Camp appearance this weekend.  However, I did not show the GUI runner because, well, it's not there yet, and instead, the console runner works just fine, thank you.  So, go ahead and pick up the latest bits and give the team feedback!

One last note regarding Brad, he was recently interviewed by Scott Swigart and Sean Campbell over at How Software Is Built and gives some interesting insights in the open source world inside and outside Microsoft and his contributions to it.  Very good interview and well worth the time to read.

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  • Hi Matt,

    It should be noted that Gallio supports XUnit as well NUnit and thus the Gallio Icarus GUI will run XUnit tests. Gallio Alpha 2 supports an older version of XUnit so you would need to either wait for Alpha 3 this weekend or download and compile the source. Either way, Icarus is both visually and feature rich so you have a great GUI right there.


  • @Andy

    Very cool and I was holding off talking about that until I did a deep dive into Gallio. I'll definitely have to point that out. Point taken.


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