My new love - jQuery

I have been learning jQuery for about a month now. All I can say is wow! Where were they hiding this? I have been trying to write a post on it for about a week but everytime someone beats me to what I was going to say.

I am going to start sharing some knowledge on jQuery but I wanted to get this one out. Along with the great joy that jQuery brings there is also some sadness. Once again I am reminded of how fallible Microsoft is. Now I am definitely a .Net fanboy, but while Mr. Resig was cooking up jQuery Microsoft was cooking up that useless pile of bloat called ASP.Net Ajax. Once again, like the iPhone, this should have been what Microsoft unleashed.

Maybe it is better that they didn’t. Take a look at the crappy Ajax controls in the box and from that community. Then look at what jQuery has. Why is that?

So I am trying to wade my way through getting and keeping any MS Ajax stuff out of my webforms, including the script manager. I want it clean. I am going to learn MVC to see if there is anything in there for me. But I’ll still be using webforms, just finding ways to do it better with jQuery. I was going to learn Silverlight but I think at this point, until I see what the next version has, jQuery will keep me working in more places.

Yes, I am excited about front end stuff again. And its starting to fell good, hey!

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