2012 Begins

It has become tradition for the past few years that my first blog post of the new year is to thank Microsoft for being recognized as an MVP.  This year is no different.  Once again, I’m honored to be recognized by Microsoft for my contributions to the community.  After visiting Redmond for the past 4 years, I’m going to be skipping the Summit this year.  I’ve got a client project that I really want to focus on and don’t want to push it out another week.

For 2012, I’ll continue to produce C# Corner articles for Visual Studio Magazine.  A big thanks to Eric Vogel who took over the web-only side of the C# Corner.  Between work, the print version of C# Corner and various family commitments, I could not continue producing the additional web-only articles.  I talked it over with my editor, Michael Desmond and he was totally understanding and found Eric to help me out.  Thanks Eric!

My interest in Android has not abated.  I’m still writing apps here and there for the platform.  I recently started looking in to the “android-binding” project (data binding for MVVM/MVP style apps) as well as “roboguice” (dependency injection for Android).  Both look like some really neat projects that will make developing Android apps easier.

After coming back from CodeMash 2012, I’m excited at the opportunity to implement some of what I learned.  If you have the opportunity to go to CodeMash, I urge you to attend!  Just be fast – this year, CodeMash sold out 1200 tickets in only 20 minutes!  Once you’ve attended one, you’ll know why!

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