Changing the Default Install Location of an MSI

A few months ago, I had to tweak an MSI installer.  It was installing into a specific directory (named the same as the application) underneath Program Files.  Since the location of Program Files can change from machine to machine, the MSI has a special token you can use for Program Files (as well as for the application name).  So the current value for “DefaultLocation” of the Application Folder was:


During installation, these tokens would be replaced by the actual location based on the current machine.

I needed to change this to a specific folder underneath the users My Documents directory.  I poked around the help file and I could not find where these special tokens (like “[ProgramFilesFolder]”) were defined.  Obviously, there must be some specific set of values that are available and I’m sure My Documents is one of them.

I finally found them documented so I’m posting the link here.  Hopefully, it will help someone else out.  Not sure where I found this link…

System Folder Properties

For me, it was as easy as changing the DefaultLocation to:


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UPDATE: Finding the DefaultLocation property.

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