Fabulous Adventures In Coding

If you don't read Eric Lippert's Fabulous Adventures In Coding, you're really missing out on some great stuff.

I've been reading his blog for years and it's always an entertaining read.  I caught a presentation Eric gave at the MVP Summit in 2008 and also had an opportunity to speak with him one-on-one that year as he attended the C# dinner at Maggianos.  He's a guy that has so much knowledge, you wonder why his head doesn't explode!  :)

I decided to write about Eric's blog today because I only take time to read his posts if I'm sure I have time to let them soak in.  Some blogs I subscribe to just get a quick glance-over looking for good material.  But Eric's is always good so I've got a number of his posts from the past few weeks that I just caught up on this morning.  A few gems:

"foreach" vs. "ForEach": I always wondered why .NET didn't provide a ForEach extension method.  Now I know.

In Foof We Trust: A Dialogue: A great Q&A style post where Eric answers a question on why implementing an obviously cool and useful feature can quickly become very complicated.


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