WilsonORMapper v3.0: Better Control and Custom Providers

Update: WilsonORMapper v3.0.0.0 (9/1/2004) includes the following:

New Features:

Define your own CustomProvider for any Database without Recompile
-- MySql, PostgreSql, Sqlite, Firebird, DB2, VistaDB, SqlCe, Sybase
Control your own Transaction object with BeginTransaction method
-- Interact with the Transaction in the IObjectNotification events
Control over all Caching with EndTracking and ClearTracking methods
-- or set optional entity autoTrack="false" and use StartTracking
New ILoadOnDemand Interface for Lazy-Load with IsLoaded and Resync
Support for Typed Datasets which some Reporting Packages Require
Support Stored Procedures for Relationships -- Needs More Testing
ORHelper -- Create Single Entity Mappings -- Or CodeSmith Templates

Peer Support -- New Private and Unmoderated Subscriber-Only Forums
MS ObjectSpaces -- BeginTransaction, EndTracking, and ILoadOnDemand

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Resync to work with Child Relations -- Minimize Resync Need
Do Not Require LazyLoad for Recursive Persistence of ObjectGraph
Enable Null Many-To-One Parent Relationships -- Return Null Object
Better Handle Value Type Conversions and Non-Int32 Auto Primary Keys
Handle Invalid .NET DateTimes, Null Enums, and Access Guid Values
Fixed Key Handling to Support Entities with Zero-Value Primary Key
Fixed Optimistic Concurrency Inserts to work with any Setup Order
Fixed ObjectSet/ObjectList RemoveByKey and Composite Key Tracking

And a special thanks to each of the following contributors to v3.0:

Allan Ritchie (A.Ritchie@ACRWebSolutions.com) -- Custom Providers,
  Transactions, EndTracking, Resync, and Relation Stored Procedures
Gerrod Thomas (
http://www.Gerrod.com) -- Resync and Tracking Issues
Jerry Shea (
http://www.RenewTek.com) -- Lots of Miscellaneous Fixes
Ben Priebe (
http://www.StickFly.com) --Typed Datasets, Null Parameters
Paul Welter (
http://www.LoreSoft.com) -- Optional CodeSmith Templates
Also thanks to Sam Smoot, Nick Franceschina, and Jason Shigley


  • Thanks for adding support to WilsonORMapper for our VistaDB .NET data engine -- thats great stuff Paul!

    Anthony Carrabino


  • Maybe this is dumb question, but can I use the WilsonORMapper to perform distributed transactions?

    Can I use the objects/object collections in a distributed architecture? Meaning, can I pass objects back from web services or remoting servers to a client application?

  • Distributed architecture -- yes, distributed transactions -- no. There are no restrictions to your objects (i.e. no base class), so if your objects can be remoted or serialized then you can do so. There are certainly a few things that you cannot do, but no different than you should expect. The obvious ones are that you can't remote or serialize an ObjectReader or a Transaction object. The more subtle ones are that you cannot use any lazy-loading (no ObjectList or ObjectHolder), so you'll need to setup any relationships with lazyLoad="false" in the mappings. Of course, you should carefully think whether you really need automatic relationships in a distributed system in the first place. So yes, you should be able to use my ORMapper in distributed systems. But there is no support for COM+ distributed transactions -- just normal ADO.NET transactions.

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