My Blog made the Local Newspaper in Cherokee County

Check out the story in the Cherokee Tribune.  The thing that I found rather odd was that even though the premise was that blogs are getting mainstream, the only examples they had were blogs from 3 technical males (1 tech writer and 2 developers).


  • >>narrowly devoted to software development

    LOL! What would they think to people that blog exclusively on GC for the .Net Compact Framework?

  • People seem to forget that college kids have been blogging for years. They might be talking about being in love or getting drunk, but it's hardly a new phenomenon.

  • Burlington's weekly (kind of like a Village Voice of Vermont) just had blogs as their cover story. All policital ones though.

  • The Cherokee Tribune! Now, that's a metropolitan daily, if I've ever seen one...!

  • Congrats. I've gotten quite a few hits directly from the article, and my total number of hits has gone up about 10-20% a day. I guess more people read the Cherokee Tribune and own a computer than I might have thought.

  • Does any one actually believe there is a mainstream anymore? When news about the news in a local newspaper from Cherokee County is being read by someone up at 2:45 AM here in Tokyo, it's pretty evident that the idea of mainstream is dead. It was an artifact of media control concentrated in the hands of a few. Blogs have been in the news for years. If they haven't been covered in the news you've been hearing, reading, or watching perhaps it's time to change sources.

    "the premise was that blogs are getting mainstream"

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