Anyone heard of Login problems for some IE users?

I'm using the new ASP.NET v2.0 Login control and it works great for me and most other users in both IE and FireFox, but there seems to be a small number of users that cannot get it to work in IE on at least some computers.  I'll be the first to admit that maybe its not the Login control at all, since maybe its some other esoteric code of my own or some setting I've chosen, and in fact I have created a very bare-bones test with the Login control that seems to prove it is not the issue for these users.  So my question, since I haven't figured it out yet, nor do I see anything like this in the forums or the MSDN Feedback Center (Ladybug), is if anyone else has encountered anything like this, and if so then how were you able to resolve it?  Again it works great for me in IE, so I can't duplicate the problem, and it works great for most other IE users, but there are a few IE users that are unable to login (or at least their credentials are lost immediately) and they don't report anything odd in their browser settings.


  • Install Fiddler on the machine that has the problem.

    Confirm that cookies are being sent by the server

    Check if cookies are being received by the browser (look at the request header)

    If you don't have access to the machine, create a simple test site that sets and reads a cookie on the same server that the LoginControl page is running on.

  • I haven't heard of anything like this before. Let me know if you have a repro.

    One thing you might want to check is whether you are deployed across a web-farm, in which case you need to make sure you have the same machinekey across both machines. That is one reason why the login can be lost (if the browser switches to the other server the cookie will fail if the key isn't the same).



  • Its not a web-farm, and so far the two affected users that tried my bare-bones test login page were not affected in it. So I would like to say that it must be my code, but I can't really think of any of my code that would cause this either, precisely because I'm using the Login control and don't really have much of any code related to this. And of course it works for me and most other users, so I'm really dumb-founded -- but its probably something I've done somewhere.

  • Ran into a similar problem a few months back. I am trying to recall the details, but I am not sitting in front of the project right now.

    However, I think our problem had something to do with Master Pages and the login.

    So my question is, are you using Master pages in this project?


  • Hey Brian:

    Yep, definitely using Master Pages, and my bare-bones test did not. Please let me know when you can recall more details, and if nothing else I'll redo my bare-bones test to include a Master if you can't recall the details.

    Thanks, Paul

  • I also had the same problem with a website I built for high school students testing. I recieved tons of email saying that they are not able to log in. But I used their credentials and worked fine for me. Not sure what was the main reason but I don't think there should be any problem with the Login control.

  • I have trouble logging into your site if I have the 'remember me' chack box enabled in IE. I log in and the page refreshes as it was with no indication of being logged in. It works fine with the 'remember me' checkbox disabled.

    It works either way with FireFox.....

  • I am having the same problem right now with some of my users. I can use their credentials and login without any problem.

    I have asked them to try Firefox and one users reported that Firefox works fine.

    Did you even get to the bottom of this?

  • Hi Nathan:

    No, I never could figure out the problem. I also haven't heard any more complaints in some time, so it may have been resolved by a service pack, but I'm honestly not sure.

    Thanks, Paul Wilson

  • Hello,
    I am having the same problem.
    It is affecting a very small portion of users who try to log into our site (<1%), and the common factor is that they are all using IE (6 or 7). Firefox works fine.
    Recently we changed from our own customised authentication implementation which made use of the control. With this implementation, we created a forms authentication ticket and issued it to the users, once we had done this we simply redirected through a Response.Redirect() to their requested page.
    Now when we upgraded, we made the authentication method simply create a user profile once they had been authenticated, and then FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(Login1.UserName, false); to take them to their desired page.
    I can gather this from Fiddler (on the problematic machine, NB also: all IE settings were default etc) :
    The login.aspx repsonse is sending me a cookie from the site, as you would expect.
    Then when I get forwarded to my target page (default.aspx), the cookie does not exist on the client, intsead I have this cookie... ASP.NET_SessionId=tp0k4x45mljteojyxnmexlz2, the Default.aspx response then redirects me back to the login page - as I'm not authenticated.
    So for some reason, the client browser is not accepting the cookie. I am 100% satisfied that we have been through every setting in IE to allow cookies etc.
    Can someone please shed any light on this?

  • I haven't heard anything about this except here on this thread. I never had the user's computer to reproduce or debug either, so you have something much better than I did. So please contact Scott Guthrie or open a bug report and let them know that you have a machine that they can come and reproduce it on.

  • My problem is definately with master pages. The control works fine ( using my custom MembershipProvider )on a simple page with just the control itself. Same page placed in a content area of a master page and the
    "Log In" button doesn't do anything.

  • I have a login control that works fine ( with a custom MembershipProvider ) on a simple page, but in the content area of a master page, the Login button doesn't function.

    Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

    I would guess that a control event handler is expecting a hardcoded name.

  • Hmm... same problem here. I'm using a custom membership provider and master pages. My login button does not submit in IE 7 but works perfectly in Firefox 2. What's crazy is that when I remove the master page references and take my login control out of the content place holder and into a form in the login page, it works perfectly. In summary, custom membership provider + login control + master page = no worky.

  • go here

  • I've removed Master Pages from my login page and still I get this error. It is so puzzling, but it's good to know that this is a known problem. I have to tell my users to use Firefox, I'm not sure what else to do.

    But the fact remains: the built in Login Control for ASP.NET 2.0 does not work properly.

    We really need an answer, this is just not acceptable.


  • lo and behold miracles are possible! I have found a solution. Took me ages to find and in the end it's so simple.

    In IE go to Tools-->Internet Options-->Privacy-->Tick OVERRIDE AUTOMATIC COOKIE HANDLING-->Accept or Prompt First-party Cookies, Accept or Prompt Third-party Cookies. You may need to configure/switch off ZoneAlarm too

    Hope that helps. I can release my database to my clients now!

    Tushar :-D

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