ASP.NET Custom Providers Presentation and Sample Code

My ASP.NET Custom Providers presentation and sample code can be downloaded from  The sample code includes very simple custom providers for Membership, Roles, and SiteMap, along with an overly simplistic web app to demo them.  They all use my ORMapper for database access, which means you can target most any database, but you can easily substitute your own data access pretty easily.  The SiteMap provider is intentionally not very optimized since the intent is to only show a very simple example, although there is one tiny optimization included.  That said, its not very hard to add some smarter caching, as I have done in my WebPortal, although you'll also need some type of cache invalidation when you add, modify, or remove pages.


  • Thanks Paul. Your presenation was great and helped me clear up a few issues I was having. Thanks for letting us know baout the source code being released too!

  • Hi,

    This is my first foray into ASP 2.0 and after following your guide (in Readme.txt) I get the following error:

    The type or namespace name 'Wilson' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    That highlights this line:

    <add namespace="Wilson.Providers.Framework"/>

    Do you have any tips on what I'm obviously doing wrong?

    (I'm using the Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.)

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Jose:

    My first thought is to ask you if you have compiled / built the solution? If not, then that would certainly be an error that I would expect. Otherwise, I'm not real sure what limitations the Express Edition may have, so that may or may not be part of the problem. One last thought, I removed most of the binaries (dlls) to make the download smaller, but I could send you a version with the compiled binaries to see if that helps if you send me an email. That might help if there are limitations of the Express Edition, but if that's the case you probably aren't really going to be able to do anything this advanced in the first place. This also isn't exactly something basic to be starting with period.

    Thanks, Paul Wilson

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