Introducing the WilsonORMapper DataSource Control

It seems that the ObjectDataSource control is not as easy to work with as most people had hoped.  It also requires far more than is necessary if you are already using an O/R Mapper with your objects.  So I decided to spend a few spare hours and throw together a DataSource control for my WilsonORMapper.  The download includes the full source code for the DataSource control, as well as a simple web demo.  So download it and let me know what you think -- and maybe the source code can be modified for NHibernate and others.  Please let me know how it works for you, since I honestly haven't spent much time on it, and let me know if you found the source useful too.


  • Great work Paul!

    Once again you've raised the bar on simplicity!

  • I tried the test web page in the solution provided in the download and get the following error:

    An instance of type 'Wilson.ORMapper.Internals.Context' was being created, and a valid license could not be granted for the type 'Wilson.ORMapper.Internals.Context'. Please, contact the manufacturer of the component for more information.

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