IE8 CSS Compliance

Hopefully IE8 will solve all (and it better) the problems related to CSS hacks that we have faced in the present and the past. Well, it has passed ACID2 test as per this. Lets pray!

Meanwhile I'll keep loving Firefox! ;)


  • I tested all the other browsers tonight and none of them pass that test.

  • @rrobins:

    So, if IE8 can pass all the ACID2 test, I hope that means good for the IE in the browser "war". According to Jeff (,   the war is not over (without Microsoft's involvement) yet!

  • If you love FF so much, why don't you make sure the comments are large enough to be readable?

  • @PBZ:
    Thanks for pointing that out. Actually, it was bummer from my side. I didn't realize that it was messed up. It's fixed now.
    On your comment "If you love FF so much...", well, FF is not perfect (use for a while and you know what I mean) but it's not bad at all, no?

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