in English - A Video Series for .NET Developers - Finally it´s online!

Check out Episode VI on WebServices [100 kbps streaming video] and let us know what you think.

You´re tired of ever the same technical articles and whitepapers? You´re bored of just technology driven presentations at developer events with lots of slides and just some code? Well, then you might want to try something completely different for a change: - A video series for .NET Framework developers.

Still from episode VI of

We´ve been doing it since summer 2003 and now we´ve produced our first episode in English and even put it online!

And if you like, read the production notes and about the concept behind in the "Making of ..." diary.

Look behind the scenes of episode VI´s production.
Or, in case you´re fluent in German, you can also read the accompanying article on the episode´s homepage.



  • Ralph,

    Have you ever considered adding, that is embedding, english audio and/or captions to previous episodes? What about letting people download them for watching offline?

  • @Luciano: I briefly thought about adding captions. But currently that´s beyond our budget. (And dubbing would be even more costly.) And we still need to see, how is accepted outside German speaking countries. That´s why we did an English version.

  • @Apolon, Luciano: Thanks for your comments. You made me think more closely about English captions for Yes, maybe I should try and include them at least once to see, how viewers react to them. They might also help German viewers to follow along the content.

    To tell the truth, I already thought about a "music video" version of, where there are no spoken explanations, but just visual explanations sprinkled with some text (and of course graphics and code) and lots of music :-) This would also limit the explanations to easily digestable 5-10min.

  • Thanks for a great (and entertaining) video. I look forward to your next one!

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