Bridging TFS and SVN

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This is my second attempt to write on a public on what I've found interesting to be shared and I hope it can established a series of posting. From The Pragmatic Programmer's book tip #23: Always Use Source Code Control. For me, using source control is not just for tracking purpose. There's a lot of free source code project hosting available publicly on the Internet. One of the reason I've installed TortoiseSVN on my machine is to let me sync down those open source codes from public hosting such as, or (this require CVS). For you can use TortoiseSVN directly because it was hosted using Subversion server. For, Microsoft's open source project hosting web site, the source code was hosted using Microsoft's proprietary Team Foundation Server (TFS). You can you either use TortoiseSVN or CodePlex Client to access the code repository. I prefer to use TortoiseSVN since I already used it to access the code from other SVN server. This is possible with SvnBridge, a tool that converts the call made by subversion client to the API supported by TFS. The developer's planet is lucky enough to have TFS SDK available, this will allow other tool to talk to TFS. To get it running on your local machine is pretty easy and no harm.  
It's a mandatory tools to be installed on your machine since a few cool projects hosted there:
Now lots of source codes to be sync down.


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