Whidbey : Are we seeing a negative trend?

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This is not the first time I have heard someone bitch about Whidbey and the up coming 2005 release (Yes, including Longhorn and Indigo).  Is it a trend which Microsoft should be watching out for? 


If so maybe they should consider stepping back a bit and focus more attention on the current build.  Maybe even the majority of active community participants, magazines, and other publications should heed this warning also.


For me, I’m neck deep in V1.1 and have been for quite some time now.  But I LOVE to learn about Whidbey and force myself to keep up to date on as much stuff as I possibly can.  Heck I have even written articles and given presentations on V2.


I wonder how many of you would like for Microsoft and the community at large to take a step back and bring more focus on V1.1?



  • Brett said

    More whidbey now!

    The more we know now, and the earlier we know it (so we can offer feedback and change it) the better. While working with Whidbey I have already identified a couple of key features that were missing that have been entered as defects for an upcoming release of Whidbey.

    I would rather have more now then be disappointed later because something that was crucial wasn’t there because no one was looking towards the future

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