Have you ever seen the Worlds Best App?

The Worlds Best App

Its a contest put on by Microsoft based on their MSN Messenger product.

Stolen from the site:

"Use our free Software Development Kit to create your masterpiece with MSN Messenger Activity API. You can make just about anything, be it an innovative business tool, clever communication gizmo or a great new game."

I started to go through their API and found that they are missing the basic "Hello World" or bare bones setup.  I decided to quickly throw this together.

First off, get the SDK and get my BareBones Sample.

And finally:
1. Copy barebones.html to some place on your web root (localhost is fine)
2. Edit MSGRP2P.xml and point the URL tag to that HTTP location
3. Copy MSGRP2P.xml file to:  C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\
4. Double click any contact
5. Go to the "Actions" menu, you should see "Start Bare Bones"
6. The page should load up on the right side

Fairly simple setup.  If you open up instructions.txt I stuff it full of a bunch of notes which I found quite useful.

Happy Coding!



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