NCover: Profiled process terminated. Profiler connection not established

If you are encountering this issue with your CI process and using NCover here is a fix:


After playing around with NCover 1.5.1 beta 2 I was seeing the "Profiled process terminated. Profiler connection not established." error when running under a limited user account.  The account was a member of Debugger Users, but that was all.  There was no Coverage.log file being produced, and after a minute or so NCover would fail with the "Profiler Connection not established" error message.  In order to get NCover to work under this account I had to do the following:

Set account's registry permissions


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment


Query Value
Set Value
Create Subkey
Enum Subkeys
Read Control

Re-register the CoverLib COM component

Run "regsvr32 coverlib.dll" from the directory where NCover is installed.  This will need to be run from an administrator account.

I tried re-registering coverlib.dll since the COM registry entries seemed to only exist in HKCU for the Administrator's account rather than in HKLM.

I'm guessing that the installer only installs NCover for the current user (i.e. Administrator) rather than for all users, but I could be totally wrong.


  • Masariello said

    I had no joy with: * Windows Server 2008 x64 * domain service account belonging to local admins * disabled UAC * and, of course, regsvr32 right before running ncover The target process is actually EXCEL.EXE spawned via DCOM. It pops up as a child of svchost.exe...I think I saw it laughing at me before exiting :-) I'll try messing around with DCOM permissions Does anyone have any ideas? Please, tell me you have an idea? :-) Thanks for the help so far!

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