AGENT: The World's Smartest Watch

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AGENT: The World's Smartest Watch

by Secret Labs + House of Horology


Most if not all of this content has been gleaned from the comments on the Kickstarter project page and comments section. Any discrepancies between this post and any documentation on,, etc.., those official sites take precedence.


The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.

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Funding period : May 21, 2013 - Jun 20, 2013

MSRP : $249

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Developer Story

The first official launch of the preview SDK and emulator will happen on 20-Jun-2013.  All development will be done in Visual Studio 2012, using the .NET Micro Framework SDK 2.3.  The SDK will ship with the first round of the expected API for developers along with an emulator.

With that said, there is no need to wait for the SDK.  You can download the tooling now and get started with Apps and Faces immediately.  The only thing that you will not be able to work with is the API; but for example, watch faces, you can start building the basic face rendering with the Bitmap graphics drawing in the .NET Micro Framework.


Does it look good?

Before we dig into any more of the gory details, here are a few photos of the current available prototype models.


The watch on the tiny QI Charter


If you wander too far away from your phone, your watch will let you know with a vibration and a message, all but one button will dismiss the message.


An app showing the premium weather data!



Nice stitching on the straps, leather and silicon will be available, along with a few lengths to choose from (short, regular, long lengths).

On to those gory details….

Hardware Specs


  • 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor (ATSAM4SD32)
  • with secondary AVR co-processor

Flash & RAM

  • 2MB of onboard flash and 160KB of RAM
  • 1/4 of the onboard flash will be used by the OS
  • The flash is permanent (non-volatile) storage.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 BD/EDR + LE
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 2.1, so classic Bluetooth functions (BD/EDR, SPP/AVRCP/PBAP/etc.) will work fine.


  • 3D Accelerometer (Motion) ST LSM303DLHC
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Hardware power metering
  • Vibration Motor (You can pulse it to create vibration patterns, not sure about the vibration strength - driven with PWM)
  • No piezo/speaker or microphone.


  • QI Wireless Charging, no NFC, no wall adapter included
  • Custom LED Backlight
  • No GPS in the watch. It uses the GPS in your phone.
  • AGENT watch apps are deployed and debugged wirelessly from your PC via Bluetooth.
  • RoHS, Pb-free


  • Expected to use a CR2430-sized rechargeable battery – replaceable (Mouser, Amazon)
  • Estimated charging time from empty is 2 hours with provided charger
  • 7 Days typical with Bluetooth on, 30 days with Bluetooth off (watch-face only mode)
  • The battery should last at least 2 years, with 100s of charge cycles.

Physical dimensions

  • Roughly 38mm top-to-bottom on the front face
  • 35mm left-to-right on the front face
  • and around 12mm in depth
  • 22mm strap
  • Two ~1/16" hex screws to attach the watch pin
  • The top watchcase material candidates are PVD stainless steel, brushed matte ceramic, and high-quality polycarbonate (TBD).
  • The glass lens is mineral glass, Anti-glare glass lens

Strap options

  • Leather and silicon straps will be available
  • Expected to have three sizes



  • Custom "Pusher" buttons, they will not make noise like a mouse click, and are very durable.
  • The top-left button activates the backlight; bottom-left changes apps; three buttons on the right are up/select/down and can be used for custom purposes by apps.
  • Backup reset procedure is currently activated by holding the home/menu button and the top-right user button for about ten seconds

Device Support

  • Android 2.3 or newer
  • iPhone 4S or newer
  • Windows Phone 8 or newer
  • Heart Rate monitors - Bluetooth SPP or Bluetooth LE (GATT) is what you'll want the heart monitor to support.
  • Almost limitless Bluetooth device support!

Internationalization & Localization

Full UTF8 Support from the ground up.

AGENT's user interface is in English. Your content (caller ID, music tracks, notifications) will be in your native language. We have a plan to cover most major character sets, with Latin characters pre-loaded on the watch.

Simplified Chinese will be available

Feature overview

  • Phone lost alert
  • Caller ID
  • Music Control (possible volume control)
  • Wireless Charging
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Vibrating Alarm (possibly custom vibrations for caller id)
  • A few default watch faces
  • Airplane mode (by demand or low power)
  • Can be turned off completely
  • Customizable 3rd party watch faces, applications which can be loaded over bluetooth.
  • Sample apps that maybe installed
  • Weather

Sample Apps not installed

  • Exercise App


  • Possible Skype integration over Bluetooth.

They will provide an AGENT app for your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone). You'll be able to use it to load apps onto the watch..

You will be able to cancel phone calls. With compatible phones you can also answer, end, etc. They are adopting the standard hands-free profile to provide these features and caller ID.

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