Trading Center my advancing of the Classifieds Starter Kit

A few years ago I needed to work on a project that enabled online auctions in real time that brought back the true auction experience but through the web browser and a downloadable forms application.

Now with this application being prepared for release we have decided to give back to the community and have started to further develop the kit.

I would like to here your comments and suggestions and anyone is welcome to download [TradingCenterSourceUrl] or have a play [TradingCenterDemoUrl].

Yes this post is short how ever please follow the above links for more detail.

Happy Trading.

Regards Regan


  • I'va just checked your online demo and it's not working.

  • @Valeriu Z

    That is correct. But we are working on it and expect it to be back online next month.

    Everything was all set in our new IT & Communications Center and we were hit with a second earthquake luckily not destroying our new server room but the new machines are fried. Some of our team were killed and our city is not back on its feet yet so its only me and a couple of others trying to do what we can.

    Here is an old post after the first earthquake that destroyed our old building and 90% of who we were!

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