2017 in Retrospective, 2018 in Perspective

site2017 was a difficult year for me, for personal reasons. So I didn’t blog that much, to be honest.

I was renewed again as Microsoft MVP, an excellent way to start the year! Hooray! Open-mouthed smile

In 2017 my second hardcopy book, Mastering ASP.NET Core 2.0, came out. It was tough, as it is a long book, and it spread from ASP.NET Core 1.1 to 2.0, but I am generally pleased with the result. You can get it in print or ebook format.

I started, with the support from Fusion Cowork and the Aveiro development community, the Fusion/Aveiro Tech Talks here in Aveiro. We’ve had 3 sessions so far, and more are on the list.

Entity Framework Core 2 was released and I talked about it. Also posted about ASP.NET Core 2, but not as much as I would have liked to.

I also covered Postal.NET, my pet project for writing decoupled .NET standard applications.

Started writing content for Stackify, and I got two posts out: .NET Core 2.1 Release: What to Expect in 2018 and How to Call WCF Services and Create SOAP Services with ASP.NET Core. More to come! Winking smile

In early 2017 I made some prophecies about what technologies would be cool that year. Looking back, I can see that I got some of them right, others probably not. I didn’t cover R or WebAssembly, and I was happy I didn’t, as I really didn’t see much going on around them – but I may be wrong, though. I also left out Blockchain, which seems to be the next cool thing. Maybe this is the year for them!

I didn’t write a single post on ASP.NET WebForms or SharePoint; this probably means that they are dead to me. I basically only work with ASP.NET Core or .NET Standard nowadays.

I would like to resume my old classics – NHibernate pitfalls, Entity Framework pitfalls – plus MongoDB in .NET, Visual Studio tips and Java vs C#. All are in the pipeline, plus some C# language improvements and some MediatR, NHibernate and Elasticsearch too! Winking smile

Something that I’ve been working on is the list of Portuguese (meaning, written by portuguese-speaking developers or in portuguese) development sites: https://weblogs.asp.net/ricardoperes/sites-portugueses-sobre-desenvolvimento-de-software. I would really like to keep this up to date! For this to be helpful, however, it should only contain “live” sites, those that have activity. I count on you folks to keep me posted on that! Winking smile

Anyway, thank you all for reading this blog, you’re the reason I write it! Keep dropping by and sending me your comments/questions/corrections/complaints! Smile


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