Mastering ASP.NET Core 2.0

Mastering ASP.NET Core 2.0 Book Cover

My new book is out! It is called Mastering ASP.NET Core 2.0 and was edited by Packt Publishing, as my previous one, Entity Framework Core Cookbook – Second Edition.

It was big challenge – the book has over 480 pages – and it spanned multiple .NET Core versions – 1.1 and 2.0. I tried to cover the most important things, even with some detail. The chapters are:

  1. Getting Started with ASP.NET Core: .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, platforms, DI & IoC, MVC pattern, OWIN, hosting, environments
  2. Configuration: providers
  3. Routing: templates, handlers, constraints, areas, error handling
  4. Controllers and Actions: controller lifecycle, API controllers, versioning, documentation, globalization, binding
  5. Views: areas, layouts, Razor pages, globalization
  6. Using Forms and Models: metadata, templates, binding, validation
  7. Security: authentication, authorization, anti-forgery, CORS, HTTPS
  8. Reusable Components: partial views, view components, tag helpers and tag helper components
  9. Filters: authorization, resource, action, result, exception, Razor page
  10. Logging, Tracing and Diagnostics: custom middleware, logging, DiagnosticSource, ELM, AppInsights, HealthCheck
  11. Testing: xUnit, integration tests, UI tests with Selenium
  12. Client-Side Development: Bower, Node.js/NPM, Gulp, Grunt, TypeScript, LESS
  13. Improving the Performance and Scalability: asynchronous methods, profiling, bundling and minification, caching, response compression
  14. Real-Time Communication: SignalR
  15. Other Topics: areas, static files, application lifetime events, conventions, embedded resources, hosting extensions, URL rewriting
  16. Deployment: Visual Studio, IIS, Azure, AWS, Nginx, Apache, Docker, Windows Service

Whenever there are important differences, I mention the differences between ASP.NET Core 1.x and 2.x, although I think this will be less important over time.

Overall, it was an exciting task, but not one without obstacles. I must thank the team at Packt Publishing, namely, Siddhi Chavan and Abhishek Sharma for all their patience and support. Also, Alvin Ashcraft, who was the technical reviewer.

Do have a look and share your feedback! It is available from the Packt Publishing site, Amazon and others, either in hardcopy or ebook format. The source code is available at


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