ASP.NET Multitenant Applications Succinctly Released


My fourth title for the Succinctly series has just been released: ASP.NET Multitenant Applications Succinctly!

This time, it’s about writing multitenant applications with ASP.NET. It was fun to write, and I certainly hope you find it interesting too!

In it I have a number o “recipes” for handling different aspects of multitenancy. I’m looking forward for your feedback on it!

As usual, I want to thank everyone at Syncfusion and also Chris Tune (@tunechr) for his review.

So, go get it here! Source code available here.



  • Not a single word on ASP.NET Identity 2+
    It's efin 2015 c'mon pplz

  • Hi, Shimmy!
    What would you like to see about Identity 2.0? I did mention JSkimming...

  • Hi,
    The uploaded PDF file has some problems. There are errors in it and also duplicate chapters.

  • Thanks, Saeid! I reported it to Syncfusion!

  • I am going through the ebook , Can i get the code uploaded on some link?

  • Found it a little difficult to realise the context of multi-tenancy as focussed on in this e-book and the problems it attempts to resolve.
    Had hoped for more focus on a single application with many subscribers - the traditional accounting problem of ensuring that common code can safely and securely manage all the accounts of a multitude of subscribers/tenants and their individual data. Perhaps it is all there and needs further study! Appreciated the effort behind the book.

  • Hi, John!
    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe in a future (?) version or in posts. Please keep sending me your feedback, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Hello Ricardo.

    I started reading your book but I don't have much experience with inversion of control and dependency injection, so I've been missing the source code for me to be able to look how the application is organized. Can you share it?

  • Do you have the source code. I would really like to see the solution/project structure you are using?

    Thank you,

    Ricardo Rocha

  • Hi, Ricardo.

    I am reading your book (ASP.NET Multitenant Applications Succinctly), but I have a problem when I started development, the class IPTenantIdentifierStrategy and DomainTenantIdentifierStrategy are not implemented.

    I have tryed find the source code, where can I find or the implementatiion of class?

  • Hi, João! Yes, you are right, the classes are named SourceDomainTenantIdentifierStrategy and SourceIPTenantIdentifierStrategy. I can send them to you if you share your email; you can do it here, I won't publish your comment.

  • I can't download the source code

  • Hi Ricardo,
    I'm reading your ebook "http://ASP.NET Multitenant Applications from Succinctly".
    I would really like to see the solution structure you are using.
    I've tried to get access to the repo that you have shared, but it is private.
    Can you share it via my email?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, Daniel!
    It is now public. Apologies for not replying sooner.

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