Entity Framework Code First Succinctly

It’s official: now I’m a writer! Smile

It so happens that the good guys at Syncfusion invited me to write a title to their very popular collection of free technical ebooks, known popularly as the Succinctly series. It was a great honor and pleasure to do so, and so Entity Framework Code First Succinctly was born!

It’s an introductory book, but hopefully more experienced developers will find something of use there. I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t cover the latest version; by the time I sent it for editing, the latest version was 5. It is likely that an update will exist at some point in time.

I want to thank Hillary Bowling, Darren West, Tres Watkins and Graham High of Syncfusion and also my technical reviewer, Jeff Boenig, for all their great work, suggestions and for putting up with my delays! Thank you all! Winking smile

So, go ahead and grab a copy! Looking forward for your comments! Also, you can find the companion source code at BitBucket.

PS – More on this shortly!


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