Entity Framework Core Succinctly Released

My latest (and fifth) ebook for Syncfusion’s Succinctly collection is out: Entity Framework Core Succinctly! It covers Entity Framework Core 2.0 and you can download it for free – need to register first, though.

This book is inspired by my previous one on Entity Framework Code First, but quite a lot has changed.

Huge thanks to Jeff Boenig for the technical review and to Hillary Bowling, Tres Watkins and Jacqueline Bieringer of Syncfusion for all their support.



  • Just some small comments:

    The SQL listings on page 59 and on do not look like EF Core generated SQL, more like EF6 generated SQL !?

    Code listing 109 seems wrong

    Code listing 127: Only required if you use explicit transactions, not the general pattern

    Page 98: Should mention how to disable Client eval: .ConfigureWarnings(warnings => warnings.Throw(RelationalEventId.QueryClientEvaluationWarning)));

  • Why is it mandatory?

  • The website syncfusion is mining with coinhive.com !!!!

  • The website syncfusion is mining with coinhive.com !!!!

  • Bitcoin miner on the page was added on purpose?)

  • Hi, ErikEJ!
    #1 Totally right, this was based on another book, and me (and the reviewer) totally forgot to update it! My bad!
    #2 Right too, duplicate [ConcurrencyCheck] attribute.
    #3 True, although I am creating explicit transactions... could have mentioned it, but this is a succinc ebook!
    #4 I have that on page 55, code listing 69
    Thanks for your comments! ;-)

  • Hi, Stanislav!
    What do you mean? Is that on my site or on other?

  • Hi, Mehran Hossein nia!
    What do you mean? Can you please clarify? Thanks!

  • @RicardoPeres @Stanislav I do not see any evidence of a coinhive crypto miner on his blog!

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