Programming Entity Framework Book

Programming Entity Framework

I just got Julia ("Julie") Lerman's Programming Entity Framework book. You will find her site here.

I like the book, and I like EF, but I wasn't aware of the many limitations that the current version of Entity Framework has, particularly when comparing to LINQ to SQL. I will post some of my findings here, in future blogs.



  • Looking forward to see your new posts. Cause I ran into many inconvenient things in the EF.

  • Agreed, I was very disappointed in the state of EF after reading that book. Decided to back-burner adoption of it until it matures.

  • There is, however, the Entity Framework extensions. Have a look at Even POCOs are supported!

  • hI,

    i´m completely septic about ORM, I never liked machine generated code.
    So I would like to know about any real big ERP system made from scratch by using only ORM.
    I´ll I´ve seen up to know where samples with a small screen,that were made in 2 minutes ,and would have been done in 4 by using "traditional" methods.
    Can anybody point me one?
    If so,How about the performance?

    Marcello Dias

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